TruckManager takes the guesswork out of locating your vehicles and allows you to respond to your customers quickly and effectively.   The on-board computer will locate vehicles at intervals you specify, manage thousands of customers serviced by many trucks at the same time, and reroute trucks to make up for missed locations or additional service requests. Information is also collected on the speed of the truck, number of stops the truck has made since the last stop, and total time on the route.

Live Vehicle Diagnostic Data

TruckManager enables two-way communication between your vehicles and your office. The on-board computer also contains the capability to gather real-time vehicle data and engine diagnostics.   Scale lift arms, pumps, speed, RPM, oil temperature and pressure are just some of the things that can be monitored automatically and effortlessly with this system.

Real-Time Electronic Route Sheets

Adding TruckManager to your fleet allows StreetManager to display the current day’s routes as well as locate the truck’s current position on the route.   With this capability, you can instantly find the closest vehicle to your customer for responsive service and monitor route sheets and dispatch tickets with the large screen.   The touch screen response increases service accuracy and reduces administration time.

In-Vehicle Dispatch Ticketing and Signature Capture

TruckManager‘s on-board computer can create a local invoice or service ticket to leave with the customer or capture a signature on the spot thereby increasing efficiency for both you and the customer. The driver can choose between a map display of the route with the current location identified or the route list just by touching the screen.

Driver Productivity

Unexpected delays along routes can prevent your customers from receiving the best service possible. TruckManager allows dispatch to monitor progress along the route to predict and respond to potential route delays earlier in the day. With TruckManager you can send messages to a single driver or defined group of drivers.

Integrating GPS with TruckManager

TruckManager incorporates Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology to allow you to add dynamic routing management to your RouteManager and StreetManager applications.

Your customers need service that requires rerouting or dispatching immediately. Dispatchers need up to the minute information on truck location along the route to handle these unpredictable situations. Adding GPS terminals in your trucks allows TruckManager to not only display the current day’s routes, but also to poll the GPS to locate the truck’s current position along the route.

Knowing the location of the truck allows the dispatcher to manager thousands of customers serviced by many trucks at the same time.  While the customer is on the phone, the customer service representative, or the dispatcher, can locate the nearest truck in the area and accurately inform the customer when to expect service.   With thousands of customers, this tool saves precious time that the dispatcher does not have and eliminates the need for additional staff to be hired to handle the volume.

TruckManager also allows the dispatcher to monitor the progress of the truck along the route and compare it to predicted progress.   If unexpected delays occur, additional trucks can be dispatched early in the day to complete the services, avoiding the inefficiency of return visits to the same area.

TruckManager Benefits Include:

  • Dispatch your vehicles more efficiently
  • Reduce out-of-route miles, save fuel and vehicle wear
  • Communicate more effectively with your drivers, increase productivity
  • Improve customer response and service
  • Maintain an archival record of all driver communications
  • Facilitates two-way communication with the drivers
  • Manage more drivers with fewer dispatchers
  • Dispatches route changes to the drivers immediately
  • Prints invoices on-site
  • Posts cash or check transactions immediately and on-site