Training & Support


One of the first steps in our partnership is the preparation for the software installation. On-site installation is scheduled on your network by our staff, and we work with your staff or IT partner to give you the keys on how to install new workstations, servers, and remote users. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding an installation schedule.

Cloud Based – Software as a Service (SaaS)

This is a subscription-based installation method that is hosted and administered by DesertMicro. With DesertMicro SaaS, you have complete access to our comprehensive and tightly-integrated DesertMicro solution– without the worries of technology and infrastructure maintenance or hardware and software costs. We host, administer and support all applications from our state-of-the-art data center, offering access to leading-edge technology, regardless of local resources. No heavy up-front fees and no hardware maintenance required, meaning your staff is free to focus on mission critical initiatives.

Traditional Model

At DesertMicro, we have a long history of on time and on budge implementations. With a traditional model you purchase and maintain all software, databases, hardware and services onsite, ensuring complete control of your process. As with the other deployment options, software can be customized and integrated with programs and systems as needed. And your sensitive data is securely maintained by your own people on your own terms. Add our back up service and we have it in our state-of-the-art data center should you need it in a crisis.

On-Site Training

We believe that the true value of your software can only be realized when your employees understand how to use it to the absolute fullest. All training during the initial implementation of your computer system will take place at your office(s) with your own equipment. The training schedule will be flexible to work with your business schedule and each employee who will use the system participates in the training process.

The training process includes classroom demonstrations from the trainer, hands on practice with the system, and review of the training documentation. A trainer will sit with each user to ensure a complete understanding of the system and how to perform their daily tasks.

The training will be tailored to the experience level and role of the users. For example, scale operators or drivers will have training in the scale house and on the truck with the actual equipment they will use. Dispatchers will have complete training that includes customer call simulation, two-way communication with drivers, and report generation.

Members of management and operation controllers will have full training on the systems as well as key decision making aspects such as report generation and analysis tools.

Our trainers will make sure all of the involved employees are comfortable with the system. Practice exercises are used to reinforce the material covered. Each user will produce samples of their daily work such as dispatch tickets, route sheets, statements or aging reports with the trainer at their side. The employees’ understanding of the system is a top priority for our trainers.

Regional Training

We conduct user conferences that provide cost effective training in major cities throughout the U.S. These 3 day events allow users to attend a combination of courses that focus on accounting, routing, dispatching, key performance indicators, and reporting.

Choose any combination of 1 day session with the courses that match job functions, or 2 days that give users an in-depth training of all job essentials, or attend all 3 days to become the power user that can get the most out of DesertMicro and then receive the management level reporting tool kit to give you insight into the factors and trends that are impacting your organization and department.

To find out about our next regional training conference please contact us at (904) 247-4285

Support Services

DesertMicro provides technical support for its software products via telephone, email, and modem. Support services will include answering questions, helping with procedures and solving problems. An annual Software Maintenance Agreement is required to maintain support services.

We will be able to provide total support, enhancements, growth and technology advancements for our customers who need solutions as they grow.

Professional Services

DesertMicro also provides additional on-site consulting when you need it. Our professional services department serves your needs such as new employee training, advanced product training or business consulting services. Working together, we can help you integrate our software products to your specific needs. These additional services include creating custom reports, custom business procedures, specialized documentation and recommendations for procedures based on your individual operational issues.

Contact us to arrange for additional Training and/or Professional Services.

Product Review and Training

Interested in a review of RouteManager? Prospective customers should call us to schedule a live RouteManager demo. Current DesertMicro users can call (904)247-4285 for training on new product features!