ScaleManager allows you to seamlessly interface RS-232 Digital Scale Output with RouteManager. From centralized billing to multiple scales and operators, ScaleManager provides a flexible solution to your scale operation needs.

ScaleManager automatically captures weights from the scale and generates cost information on each route or roll-off customer. The reporting feature in ScaleManager provides daily cash or tonnage reconciliation, roll off and route profit, cost and driver productivity analysis.

You will benefit from these features with ScaleManager:

  • Allows for manual keying of paper scale tickets from a third party landfill
  • Stores tare weights of vehicles
  • Equipped to handle both inbound and outbound loads
  • Allows look-up by truck number, license plate number, account number, work order number, or customer name
  • Tracks weigh in of your own trucks and third party separately for operations and reporting
  • Automatically generates a scale ticket number and can post the scale ticket/charges directly to the customer’s account
  • Manages multiple scales at one site or multiple scales at multiple sites
  • Provides one pass or two pass weighing
  • Allows for specific commodity pricing per customer and tracks multiple waste stream loads either by weight or percentage
  • Tracks the origin of a load destination, container number, driver time start/stop and any notes for the load