Software that Hauls

RouteManager is a software solution to manage your entire business, not just your books, routing and billing.

To improve productivity, it’s not your people who have to work harder, it’s your software. Welcome to the hardest working software on the market – RouteManager.

DesertMicro developed RouteManager to manage your business, from the sales process to the collection of receivables, and provide you with in-depth analysis of every aspect that contributes to your bottom line.

We welcome you to take a closer look at RouteManager. Call us for an in-depth demo.

RouteManager supports the following Workstation Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP Pro. RouteManager does not support the following Operating Systems: Windows Small Business Server, Windows ME or XP Home Edition. The RouteManager Database is supported by Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL 7.0, or Microsoft SQL 2000. Each PC must have a working network card. For StreetManager installs, add an additional 128 MB RAM to each. At least one PC in the Network must have a working modem. DesertMicro can provide, setup and install all hardware necessary to meet the system requirements and your productivity needs.


Multi-User Capabilities

RouteManager is available for the single user or for use in a multi-user, multi-location environment. RouteManager runs efficiently on a variety of network operating systems with no limitation in it’s operation or in the number of users.


DesertMicro is experienced with the current topology of network cards, hubs, and other network related items for a variety of network operating systems and configurations. DesertMicro can provide, configure and install any additional links necessary to provide additional network nodes. We offer on-site network and hardware support from experts that are extensively experienced in RouteManager applications. 

RouteManager Demo

Live Product Demonstrations

Detailed demos of RouteManager are conducted every Wednesday and Thursday. For a complete schedule and to register for a demo please call 800-547-7082, or email