RecycleManager is a complete solution for tracking recycling materials, providing the ideal tool for monitoring a load from the generator to its ultimate destination or mill.

RecycleManager includes the following features:

  • Allows user to see all sides of brokered transaction from the load screen
  • Starts a load with a new form, or by retrieving a weight ticket already created when weighing in the load upon receipt
  • Specifies the generator that supplied the load, the grade of the load
  • Automatically populates the contract price each generator is paid for that grade during that month
  • Details the destination or mill of the load, the release number, the grade of the load (if different from the generator side), and the contract price for each destination or mill
  • Allows user to choose the freight carriers and the freight rate for the transportation charges.
  • Automatically calculates additional fees associated with the load such as demurrage
  • Posts all components of the load (generator,  destination, and freight), or any component of the load as soon as it is finished