ONE PACKAGE- Work Orders, GPS, Phone and Camera!

PocketManager has the ability to bring work orders, customer information and GPS location right to the driver in one rugged handheld device eliminating paper work orders. PocketManager also records start time and pre-trip inspection so drivers are required to check the condition of their vehicle before each trip.

With the easy to use touch screen capability drivers can easily record completed stops or record why a stop was not completed. PocketManager also includes a pre-determined area where notes can be stored about a particular stop so the driver is always aware of the specification for each stop.

PocketManager includes a built in camera option to attach photos of the job to any record for important occurrences going on at the work site. Drivers have never been in more control of the situation with the added ability to snap a picture and bring it back to the office!

Easy to Use Touch Screen Interface, Improving Service Efficiency

Not only is PocketManager the perfect tool for drivers it is also perfect for improving service efficiency. With the built in barcode scanning capability users have the ability to scan containers as they are placed and record their GPS location.

With PocketManager improve service speed and accuracy as the human error and duplication of efforts are eliminated. Never again replace a lost or forgotten container; with PocketManager the location is always recorded!

Asset Management and Improved Profitability

Track your complete inventory from commodity, container or location and no longer have lost manifests or billing confirmations. With PocketManager the billing and collection period is automatically expedited since the driver can obtain signatures electronically when they are on site.

With the added advantage of instant visualization of all trucks the dispatcher has the ability to manage more routes, stops and trucks; say good-bye to added fuel charges and overtime wages. Dispatchers can now add an emergency stop to any route and can assign new stops to the driver quickly as well as update the work sheet as service priorities change.

PocketManager Benefits Include:

  • Communicate more effectively with your drivers and increase productivity
  • Maintain an archival record of all driver communications
  • Adds a two-way communication with the drivers
  • Ability to manage more drivers with fewer dispatchers
  • Dispatches route changes to the drivers immediately