MRFManager tracks the weight and cost of each material within a load at a transfer station, recycling center or landfill.   Distinguishing these different grades will improve your ability to compete and forecast needs of your inbound or outbound operations.

Additionally, by integrating directly to the information in RouteManager, ScaleManager, and other DesertMicro software, you have unmatched flexibility in control, reporting, and analysis of your business.

MRFManager allows you to easily accomplish the following:

  • Identify multi-compartment trucks in order to capture an inbound gross with individual grades and the net weight of each.
  • Allow you to operate multiple scales from the same system for greater access of information of your inbound and outbound scales.
  • Report on the profitability of each grade by load, customer, date or mill.
  • Define an unlimited number of user defined grades.
  • Easily update the market value of a grade.
  • Designate different individual customer prices for the same grade that can be tied to market value or fixed rate.
  • Accurately measure and track the cost of processing each grade.
  • Reopen scale ticket to split weight by grades identified by sorting.
  • Accurately account for average weight per truck, stop, or route.
  • Add new trucks quickly for instant weight tracking.